Tuesday, May 18, 2010


My wife and I live up in the mountains of Colorado where there are an abundance of squirrels. Last fall as the snow began to fall I saw this little fellow going under the back deck and heading to his home under a tree with something in his mouth, I thought it was cones he had stored for the winter. I thought how clever this guy was to have stored up his winter food. As the snow got deeper, (we got over 14 feet by the end of the winter), I decided to check under the house to see if the pipes were wraped. To my suprise I discovered that my friend the squirrel had pulled out a fairly large amount of insulation. Putting on my gloves, face mask and safety glasses I replaced the missing insulation, found where he was getting in and covered his hole so he could not do that any more, (yeah right). As the winter progressed and got much colder, one day I saw my friend back to carrying something  to his home under the tree. This time I recognized it to be my yellow insulation. So as spring has finally arived I made the trek back under the house, more like a wiggle and a crawl, I discovered that my friend has removed more insulation. Again I put on my gloves, face mask and safety glasses and replaced the missing insulation. My question is why even with all the protection do I itch from the insulation for days no matter how many showers I take and my friend the squrrel can carry it in his mouth, make a bed of it and sleep on it for the winter and it seems not to bother him.

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