Thursday, May 20, 2010


On March of this year I left my job to do something new at home, yesterday I got the confirmation that I will never have to go back to the corporate world again, but that is a story for another day. I said that to set up my problem today. When I had to go to work everyday like so many of you I was gone about twelve hours a day. I would watch a little news before I left, then when I got home I would watch a little television before going to bed and I guessed I missed something that has been happening. Now that I work from home I am seeing a lot more television and to be exact a lot more commercials. I have noticed a central theme running through almost every one. Here is where some of you may get offended, but hear me out. While watching a pizza commercial I noticed that the male figure was portrayed as being messy, dumb and a liar while the female figure was portrayed as being very wise and barely tolerant of the male figure. As I watched one on gardening and lawn care, again the male figure was seen as not smart enough not to kill the lawn, while the female figure was so wise that she knew everything and he was a buffoon. The same with a cell phone commercial, the male was portrayed as being incompetent and a looser while the female figure was seen as all knowing and wiser than any male. I see a distinct pattern here. Is this discrimination? I don't think I know any man that is as stupid as I have seen portrayed on almost every commercial I have seen in the last two months, then I don't think I have known any woman that is as wise as portrayed either. What is up with this??

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