Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Why don't we listen?

Did you know that the soil in North America has lost over 85 % of its nutrients? God told the children of Israel to let their land rest for a year every seven years, gee I wonder why? It has been proven by scientists that if the land is allowed to rest every seven years it will regain the nutrients needed to produce healthy, nutrient filled crops. Those test fields that were allowed to rest also produced a much larger yield that actually more than offset the loss of having that field set for a year. When our fields are depleted of the natural nutrients so are our crops. In our infinite wisdom we have decided to load our fields with chemicals that would produce better crops. Well those chemicals are now in our nutrient depleted foods. Even if you eat only naturally the foods are still missing the nutrients we need daily. We need over 40 nutrients every day, if you tried to get them out of our food only it would take you two days of eating to get all you need for one third of the day. The vitamins, minerals we need only last 3-4 hours before our bodies use them up and we need more. Our bodies lose over 50,000 cells every 3 seconds. Yup it is true. So to adequately replace those cells our bodies needs good nutrition or those new cells start off weak, I don't want lets say my new brain cells to start out weak, I need all the healthy brain cells I can get!!

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  1. Yep, me too. I am also worried about our topsoil. Yes it's true we are losing our important topsoil because the farmers plow it to fine and it is blowing away. I know that around here we grow lots of rye grass seed and every year the farmers burn their fields then they plow and plow and plow the dust blows so bad sometimes it is to dangerous to drive in. And I have read that it's that way across the plains states also.